Heather MacLean, RN, BS, CBC
Heather MacLean, has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years, is a Certified Breastfeeding Consultant, and has her BS in family health. She is an active member of the Breastfeeding Initiative of Ulster County and answered breastfeeding questions for two years on realsavvymoms.com.

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...a heart-warming plea for our society...

"Heather McLean has created a lovely, well-done montage of photos of nursing mothers of many ethnicities. Heather has filmed it with such sensitivity that surely nobody could object to such a discreet and beautiful portrayal of nature's plan and purpose. She has created a heart-warming plea for our society to include nursing mothers and babies comfortably in all our social gatherings as the natural process it was meant to be."
Lyn Burnstine

To foster the acceptance...

"To foster the acceptance that comes with familiarity, Heather MacLean made Nursing Mother's Welcome, a seven-minute DVD that shows women discretely breastfeeding as they go about their lives."
-Healthy Living, Fall 2007/Winter 2008

...this important educational initiative...

“The Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley was pleased to provide funding support for this important educational initiative through the Ross and Karen Williams Fund. We wish MISN continued success in achieving their mission. This grant is just one example of how the Community Foundation can help individuals achieve their charitable goals."
– Jennifer Killian
Director of Programs
Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

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