"Nervous and awkward wanting everything right...it took me eight weeks to get the confidence to go into town. Now the comments around me cut like a knife as I rush into toilet cubicals... Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad [were breastfed]...I'm sure they weren't sniffing on piss as their mothers sat embarrassed on cold toilet lids in a country of bill boards covered in tits...I think we should try to get used to [breastfeeding]."
Hollie McNish
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"Heather McLean has created a lovely, well-done montage of photos of nursing mothers of many ethnicities. Heather has filmed it with such sensitivity that surely nobody could object to such a discreet and beautiful portrayal of nature's plan and purpose. She has created a heart-warming plea for our society to include nursing mothers and babies comfortably in all our social gatherings as the natural process it was meant to be."
Lyn Burnstine

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