Despite all the research of the past few decades pointing to the benefits of breast-feeding, as few as 54% of black mothers and only 74% of white mothers breast-feed. Whether it is the association of low income with breast-feeding (not enough money to buy formula), or whether it is the squeamish attitudes of the public toward mothers who discreetly nurse their babies, women who choose to nurse have been stigmatized.

“The Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley was pleased to provide funding support for this important educational initiative through the Ross and Karen Williams Fund. We wish MISN continued success in achieving their mission. This grant is just one example of how the Community Foundation can help individuals achieve their charitable goals."
– Jennifer Killian
Director of Programs
Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

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Why Breastfeeding?

There are mothers who are so comfortable and confident, that when their babies communicate that they are hungry, the mothers can conveniently and naturally feed their babies, and in so doing, build trust. In contrast, there are mothers who sense disapproval. When the baby is hungry, either Mom is unable to feed him/her right away, or the baby gets something less healthy. It's sad, and it isn't nescessary.

The purpose of the film is to show women (and men too!) that breatfeeding is natural and should be accepted in society. The film shows mothers from all different cultures nursing their babies in a relaxed and easy way in public, at home, at work, with friends and family - showing that breastfeeding is a natural activity to bond with and nurish your baby.

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To quote the Save the Children's 2012 State of the World's Mothers report:
"Most mother's want to breast-feed. Breast-feeding initiation rates are high, but breast-feeding drops off rapidly in the early weeks after birth. This happens not because mothers don't want to breast-feed anymore but because they haven't received the support they need to continue. Breast-feeding is natural, but it is also something that requires community support."

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